GEA Ariete NS3110H – High pressure homogeniser

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Technical details

Manufacturer: GEA Niro Soavi

Model: Ariete NS3110H

Type: Piston homogenizer

Viscosity : up to 3 500 cP

Maximum particle size: up to 500 microns

Operating temperature: < 90°C

Execution : Sanitary / aseptic

Max. capacity: approx. 15,000 L/h (variable capacity from 5,500 to 15,000 L/h)

Flow rate: variable / fixed / multiple

Maximum working pressure: 200 bar

Maximum back pressure: 5 bar

Minimum in feed pressure range: 4 to 6 bar

Motor power (supply required): 160 kW

Power consumption: 142.97 kW

Power supply: 3 ph / 400 V / 50 Hz

Water supply: min 2 bar

Air supply : min 6 bar

Cleaning temperature : < 90°C

Cleaning cycle : 30 min

Sterilisation temperature : 140°C

Sterilisation cycle: 30 min

Number of stages / homogenisation level: 2

Plunger diameter: 85 mm

Plunger stroke. Piston stroke : 100 mm

Plunger axis speed : 133 turns / min

Inlet / outlet diameter : 80

Options added by the manufacturer:

Inlet and outlet of the process line (piping) up to 20 bar.

Special high corrosion resistant piston (HCR) coated with chrome carbide instead of chrome plating – operating pressure up to 250 bar for corrosive conditions.

2nd homogenising stage with pneumatic actuator and local pressure control.

Variable speed drive

Electrical cabinet

Gauges, valves, pressure controls, …

Documentation Available

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