Dumoulin TD 1500 – Coating drum (Atex)

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Manufacturer : Dumoulin

Model: TD 1500

Year : 2000

Type: coating machine

Classification: ATEX motorisation and sensors

Operating unit: from 4 to 15 kg of mass to be impregnated.

Turbine type: plain drum for impregnation

Turbine diameter: Ø 600 mm

Turbine depth: 400 mm

Removable mixing blades

Materials: 304 L stainless steel

Unloading: automatic by reversing cylinder rotation

Driven by 0.37 kW geared motor, electronic variable speed drive from 2 to 25 rpm.

T°C recorder


Rotor speed indicator

Ventilation unit integrated into the frame :

1 x EU 13 air filter (absolute filter)

1 x 0.37 kW electric fan

1 x ADF electric heater (heating element) 1500 W with temperature regulator (sensor)

1 x stainless steel nozzle and blower in the drum