O’Hara Labcoat 100 – Coater

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Labcoat Tablet Coating Systems


Year: 2021
Manufacturer: O’HARA (Canadian)
O’HARA (Canadian)
Power supply: 400 V Tri +N 50-60Hz
Equipped with 1 perforated drum Ø 36” (915 mm). Useful volume 116 Litres.
Interchangeable drum (14,3L to 157 Litres)
Drum speed : 3 – 24 rpm
Batch Capacity : 6,8 to 106 Kg for density of 0,8 Kgr/Litre
Extractor 2550 m3/h independent with H13 Filtration
Air inlet fan 425 to 2380 m3/h with G4 -H13 Filtration
Trolley for drum replacement
Trolley for product loading
35 L stirred preparation tank for Solution
Flow meter Massive
4 Schlick 930 Spray Guns Included 30 to 720 Gr /mn
Perilstatic pump