Manesty Accela cota 150 – 48″ Coating machine

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Manesty – ACCELA COTA Coating machine Model 150 (45 inch)

This high quality coating equipment, designed to cover a wide range of production batches from medium scale to large scale, has an unbeatable combination of a very efficient coating process coupled with a high rate of return on investment.

Innovative science based developments in the four key areas of; tablet mixing, spraying, drying efficiency and control system technology, guarantee that the XLTMCota provides a very effective solution to obtaining a highly controlled process, ensuring the delivery of high quality end product.

Interchangeable baffles to suit all processes

A range of three baffles to suit different applications are offered. Oystar Manesty identified the product movement in the coating pan to be a key attribute in reaching optimal coating efficiency. Baffles can be easily removed and interchanged.

Efficient CIP system to guarantee fast return to production

In conjunction with our m-tecTM control system, Oystar Manesty provides a fully validatable Clean in Place (CIP) option. From the initial rinse through to compressed air cleaning of solution tubes, the XLTMCota Clean in Place (CIP) was designed to promote fast return to production by eliminating the need for manual cleaning.

Simple and fast loading and unloading facility

Tablets can be loaded with the front door closed or open using simple load chutes designed to suit different types of containers. Tablets are discharged by reversing the direction of the drum. This method has been proven to be extremely fast and gentle at the same for safe handling of the finished product.

Weight : 1590 kg Coater
Dimensions : H 2065 x W 1665 x D1475 Spray Guns : 3
Working Volume : 170 L
Compressed Air Consumption (5bar from Coater) : 7.9 Air Volume Range (m3/hr) : 1500 – 2500 Main Heater
Temperature Range (°C) : 10 – 85 Main Heater Steam Consumption ( kg/hr ) : 117

Sold with : Donaldson Torit – Dust collector DCE DF02 12R