Dumoulin – IDA 3000 (coating machine)

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Equipment used for coating of food or pharmaceutical products.
Non-tilting stainless steel turbine
2 liquid spraying ramps / 2 powder spraying ramps

Complete installation with :

– 2 x interchangeable spraying / coating arms including each: 1 liquid spraying ramp with double heating jacket + 1 powder spraying ramp.
– Accurate unit dosing powder (screw system)
– Galvanised steel frame / mobility rail for the 2 spray arms (easy switching)
– Lateral unloading trolley
– Ventilation / air treatment unit
– 8 weights / scales on the feet
– Electrical cabinet
– 500 litre melting tank skid

Max. load 3000 kg

One-sided loading, Central unloading with reverse rotation

Length 8 m x diam. 2.2 m

+ Documentation and drawings available