Manesty – ACCELA COTA – Model 350 (60 inch)

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Unit description :

Manufacturer: BWI Manesty
Year of construction: 1997
Condition of the unit: Functional
Equipment dismantled and stored

Coating machine

Model: Accela cota 350
Size: Ø150 (60 inches)
Working volume: 450 L
Type of drum: perforated
Number of blades: 4
Spraying system: 5 guns
Watson Marlow 604U peristaltic pump
FQ47IG control panel (240V)

Air handling unit

Model: CTA Hydronic CCM 85
4 row hot water coil
Power: 167.7 kW
Nominal airflow : 7500 m3/H
Hot water: 90 /70°C
Air flow rate : 7,45 m3/H
Control: Siemens servomotor

Additional information:

Electrical cabinet available
Documents available

Insulated pipework not supplied
Plan to add a dust collector