BSI – Big bag Lifting jib crane

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The lifting jib / gallow is made up of two U-shaped profiles, held parallel by spacers in which a trolley on rollers moves, supporting the fork equipped with a sack support frame with shaking system and two rotating mixing arms.

The assembly pivots at the bottom.

Limit switches.

Control via console.

Characteristic :

Max. gripping load: 800 DaN

Max. stroke: 3500 mm

Lifting speed: 2.5 m / min

Max. angle of rotation between mechanical stops 320°.

Rotation speed: 1.27 rpm

Shaking speed: 204 strokes / min

Massage speed: 0.9 s at 10h per stroke

Voltage: 380 V – 50 hz

Power: 1 kW

Air: 6 bars – 1.5 m3 / min

Floor load: 2500 daN

Minimum resistance of the floor covering 72 daN/cm2

Tilting torque 1560 m.daN

Effort on head grip : 310 daN