De lama DLST/L Class 100 – Autoclave 1 m3

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Manufacturer : De lama

Model: DLST/L Class 100

Year : 1992

Type: Dry heat oven for sterilisation and depyrogenation.


Volume: 1 m3

Materials : Polished stainless steel

– Sterilisation (160 – 180°C): Reduction of micro-organisms and their by-products by up to 12 log
– Depyrogenation (220-250°C): Destruction of pyrogens and endotoxins inside materials
– Horizontal laminar flow
– Double door (new)
– Electric heating
– 2 trolleys
– Olympia/EXP3: Control, regulation, management and recording system with high-speed processor.

Possibility of designing the oven to withstand operating temperatures of up to 300°C in continuous service, thanks to the use of HEPA filters with a special sealant.

Main applications :

– empty glassware (e.g. vials, ampoules, bottles)
– stainless steel equipment (e.g. trays, machine parts)
– moisture-sensitive materials
– basic thermostable pharmaceutical products and chemical compounds
– non-aqueous liquids (e.g. oils, glycerines, etc.)