Hosokawa Bepex PCS 10 Pulvocron – Air classifier unit

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Technical documentation


Description of the unit

Complete 3-stage micronisation system with air classifying unit including :

1 – Container emptying station

– Lifting jib / crane for positioning and turning container.
– 1 x Stainless steel powder container
– Powder emptying system: synchronisation and tight opening of the container in order to empty the powder into a storage hopper.

2 – Micronisation unit

– Bepex Pulvocron PCS 10 mill and classification

The Pulvocron air classifying mill utilizes high-speed impact and internal particle size classification to produce fine powders with a narrow size distribution. Adjustable operating conditions, including tip speed, air flow, and classifier speed provides control over resultant particle size, material temperature, and capacity. Thermally conditioning the inlet air stream provides optional heating to simultaneously dry and mill wet solids, or cooling to reduce resulting material temperatures.

3 – Air and powder filtration / recycling system.

– Product filtration and collection cyclone

– Explosion proof valve

– Rotary air / product sealing valve

– Product recovery hopper

4 – Powder dosing / filling station

– Glove box isolator

Additional information

Regular maintenance and servicing.
Equipment visible as shown in the photos.
Electrical cabinets available.
Full Documentation available.