Merk Process – 650 L Vacuum dryer cabinet

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Manufacturer : Merk Process (Bucher)

Model: Drycab VDC (Vacuum dryer cabinet)

Type: vacuum tray dryer

Year : 2008

Application :  dry and process different heat-sensitive products for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Documentation available

A – Vacuum dryer cabinet

Cabinet volume: 656 L

Pressure: – 1 / 0 Barg

Permissible temperature: 200°C

Heating jacket: 2 X 20 L

Pressure: 5 barg

Permissible temperature: 250°C

Materials: 304 stainless steel

Equipment: temperature sensor, pressure sensor, regulated valve, etc.

B – Condenser

Type: tubular exchanger

Volume 1: 10.7 L

Pressure: -1 / 3 Barg

Permissible temperature: 100°C

Volume 2: 21.7 L

Pressure: 0 / 8 barg

Temperature range: 25°C

Materials: 304 stainless steel

C – Vacuum pump

Manufacturer: Elmo Rietschle

Type: rotary vane vacuum pump

D – Temperature regulator

Manufacturer: Regoplas Regoplas

Model: 300LD

Type: dual-circuit temperature controller

Temperature : 300°C

Power : 45 KW

E – Chiller

Manufacturer: AIC Regoplas AIC Regoplas

Model: TAEevo M10

Power: 2.8 KW

Refrigerant : R407C

F – Electrical panel

PLC: Siemens