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Why use a stretch wrapping machine?

Stretch wrapping a pallet consists to wrap and envelop a palletised load with a stretch film. A banding machine is used to protect products placed on pallets during logistics as well as to reinforce and solidify the structure.

There are different ranges of wrapping machines to meet the needs of companies. These equipments are available in automatic or semi-automatic versions.

Turntable wrapping machine

The film reel is fixed on a vertical support. The pallet is then positioned on the floor on a turntable. The rotation of the turntable allows the pallet to be wrapped and packed.

Advantages: Price, Enlargement of the mast possible.

Disadvantages : Space, encumbrance.

Rotating arm wrapping machine

Unlike the turntable wrapper, the pallet stays in position. It is the mechanical arm of the machine that rotates around the pallet to wrap it. The machine is fixed to the floor and is equipped with an arm that can rotate around the products to wrap.

Advantages: Saves space when stationary.

Disadvantages : The machine must be fixed to the floor, reduced mobility, max height of the pallets to be defined.

Wrapping robot

The plastic film is positioned on a free motorised trolley. The reel carriage is able, like other wrapping machines, to adjust the position of the reel on a vertical axis. The robot moves around the pallet in order to wrap it.

Advantages: Mobility, adaptability (e.g.: oversize pallet), space saving.

Disadvantage : Disadvantage : Price.

Pre-stretching option

Motorized pre-stretching feature is an option available on almost all pallet wrapping machines. The film is pre-stretched in order to save film consumption on each pallet. It is possible to save from 150% up to 400% film length. This is recommended for companies handling several pallets per day and lightweight pallets.

The semi-automatic wrapping machine is generally used for low speed applications.

Buy or sell a second-hand wrapping machine

Buying a second-hand banding machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of available and functional second-hand stretch wrapping machines, ready to use, to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.