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The use of palletising robots in industry

Used for the same function as a conventional palletiser, a palletising robot gathers packaged products and assembles them on pallets. Robotic palletising enables the creation and shaping of stable pallets, ready for dispatch.

Robotic palletisation is present with various types of products: bags, cartons, cans, glass bottles, tins, cans, jars, cans …

There are palletising robots perfectly adapted to each type of load. Due to their greater mobility, palletising systems using robot arms can perform more complex work. These machines can work in smaller spaces or areas.

How does a palletising arm work?

A palletising robot starts by gathering and grouping the products to be palletised in the shape of a square or rectangle. The products are fed by a conveyor system. They then transfer the products to the pallet. Using grippers or pneumatic/fork grippers, the robot positions the products on the pallet, one level at a time.

The machine can do this individually or in groups. A cardboard thickness can be added manually or automatically by the robot arm between each floor. A robotic palletising line can have several robot arms.

For companies that purchase one or more empty packaging pallets, there is the possibility of depalletising. An automatic or semi-automatic depalletizing robot prepares the packages for production. In contrast to the palletiser, the robot arms strip the pallet layers one by one. The machine then places the products on a conveyor system to transfer them to the rest of the production line.

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Buying a palletizing machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine. Osertech offers a wide range of equipment and materials available, helping purchasers to find the best palletising robot opportunities.