Ceram TS3 – Rotary Sieve

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Grid D.140 X 800
Mesh 2 MM
Motorised worm screw feeding
Full tilting opening
Mobile chassis on rollers

Centrifugal sieve machine TS3 is designed to remove foreign bodies, to reduce aggregates and to remove particles larger than the desired grain size from powdery products.

Its main applications are :
– In the pharmaceutical industry: emptying of big bags of raw materials, filling of containers before compression, recovery under dryers or mixers, safety sieving before dosing/weighing.
– In the food industry: sieving of raw materials in weighing rooms, recovery at the atomiser outlet, mixer…
– In the chemical industry; filling of drums or big bags, reactor feeding, recovery at the dryer outlet, mixer…

Very compact, light and handy (frame on swivel/locking rollers) (operating weight = approx. 100 kg) allows flow rates of up to 20,000 litres/hour and more, depending on the product and the desired final grain size.

Very high quality construction, all stainless steel 316 L.
Vacuum-tight (5 mbar absolute).
Very quick dismantling for easy cleaning when changing batches or products. Very easy maintenance, very low maintenance costs.