Kraemer UTS 4.1 – Automatic tablet testing systems

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Universal Automatic tablet testing system

– Measuring equipment for laboratories
– Tool for tablets

Allows to test :


Accuracy Scale Sartorius WZ64S
Range: 10 to 50 g
Unit: mg / 0.5 mg / 0.1 mg adjustable

Drive: stepper motor.
Measuring principle: Linear potentiometer.
Unit of Measure: mm or inch.
Tolerance; +/- to.1 mm

Drive: stepper motor.
Measurement: Load measuring cell (lmz)
Measuring principle: Torque gauge
Unit: N, Kp or Sc

Drive: stepper motor.
Measuring principle: stepper motor.
Unit of Measure: mm or inch.
Range: 3 – 18 mm / 3 – 30 mm (manual)
Tolerance: +/- 0,1 mm

Voltage: 100 / 240 V, 50Hz / 60 Hz

The UTS is a universal and fully automated test system developed for use in industry. This tool is the approved model of a series of test systems that have been tested for many years. It was developed in close cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry.

The UTS 4.1 can test round, oval, square and oblong tablets as well as many special shapes. For delicate oblong tablets, the proven oblong centring system (OZB) can be integrated.

All parts requiring cleaning can be removed quickly and easily without any tools.

The test system can be supplemented with various options, such as a dispenser and/or sample collector with a different number of stations.

Use the UTS as a laboratory tester or an online testing device connected to a tablet press. Sampling can be triggered either in the production machine or using the TTS11 software.