Laminar flow cabin

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Controlled atmosphere mobile unit

Structure details :

Internal dimensions : Length : 5 M / Width : 2.5 M / Height : 2 M

Treatment area: 12.5 M2

Entirely made of stainless steel 304l on 6 wheels

Adaptation possibility for height adjustment on the structure

Filter module data :
The 8 FFU Modules are equipped with a first filtration in G4, then a fan and an absolute HEPA / H14 terminal filtration according to EN 1822.

Air treatment 99.99% (0.3 μm)

Variable air flow rate per module up to 1200 m3/h: 3-speed setting

Filter size H14 1170X1170X70

Power supply 220V 50hz

Low noise: less than 50db

Max. operating temperature: 80°C continuously

Information: A laminar flow cabin is designed to ensure a high level of cleanliness in a confined area in accordance with ISO 14644-1. It consists of fans at the top that blow filtered air through HEPA 14 absolute filters downwards. The filtered air flows through the entire cabin and escapes in the lower part: the clean air thus sweeps the entire area and creates a vertical laminar flow from top to bottom. Laminar flow hoods are used as clean rooms or in clean rooms. Impurities are directed and discharged to the floor.