Eiger Torrance MK11 M50 – Mini motormill

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Reference : MK11 M50 VSE TFV

Chamber 25 ml

Sample size range in ml *: 50 to 250 ml

Self-contained laboratory bead mills for wet milling, fine grinding and dispersing of fluid type dispersions. The Mini Mill includes its own two stage internal pumping mechanism for feeding product to the milling chamber.

Recommended for product research, quality control of raw materials and assisting with technical service applications. Laboratory Mini Mills use grinding media to develop the high shear and impact forces required to reduce agglomerates or finite particles.

Capable of producing sub-micron particles using limited amounts of raw materials.

Ideal for screening formulations with limited amounts of raw materials

Capable of producing sub-micron particles.

The Mini Mill includes its own built in pump and pre-disperser.

Information gained will assist in scaling to production.

Chamber sizes to meet most small sample requirements.

Single pass or re-circulation milling

Variable speed agitator – 0 to 5000 rpm. – 0 to 18 ml’s.

General purpose, explosion proof and intrinsically safe electrical controls

PLC diagnostic controls available for operating, monitoring process variables and data collection

Quick release latches allow easy removal of components.

Capable of producing Nano range particles using bead sizes down to 0.1 mm diameter.

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