Russel Finex – Compact sieve Europa 1200

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High performance machine (1400 rpm) for sieving and separating powders and liquids. Adjustable unbalance for total control over material flow types

Included :
– Asynchronous motor: 1,5KW – 3PH – 50Hz – 240 / 400V – 4 pole IE2 IP55
– Discharge hopper with side outlet: Stainless steel 304. Support plate and strapping band 2 sections.
– 304 stainless steel ferrule
– Strapping band in 2 sections (304 stainless steel): diameter 1200 mm
– U-ring for sieving frame
– Unclogging system: 120 mm perforated plate with central clamping suitable for a 1200mm sieving frame, and nylon discs
– Screen to filter (FDA 4mm glue cloth)

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