Thitec – Drying oven 2 pallets

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2-pallet heat chamber


Can be used for heating non inflammables and non explosive products.

– Number and type of drums: 2 pallets of 4 x 200 litre drums
– Mass to be heated: 1600 kg
– Specific heat: 0.6 Kcall/°C/Kg to be specified
– Latent heat of fusion: 40 Kcal/Kg
– Flow temperature: + 18°C
– Setpoint temperature: + 150°C
– Product to be treated . chemicals
– Available energy: electricity
– Rise in temperature: about 12 hours

– Internal dimensions: Width 2850 x depth 1350 x height 1550 mm.
– External dimensions: Width 3190 + 300 case x depth 1750 x height 3690 mm
– Weight when empty 1250 kg
– Maximum operating temperature: 150°C
– Capacity: 2 pallets of 4 x 200-litre drums or 2 x 1000-litre IBCs
– Construction in 100 mm thick double-skin panels of PSI 713 ST GOBAlN glass wool.
– Inner side 1.5 mm thick hot-dip galvanised sheet metal.
– Outer side 1.5 mm thick hot-dip galvanised sheet metal.
– Two hinged swing doors with locking bolts and internal release push-buttons (safety against personnel entrapment), central post between the two doors, 1350 mm passages, grounding braids for equipotential bonding.
– Door seals made of compressible silicone profile.
– A group of six 4 KW CETAL resistors (stainless steel armoured tube and galvanised fins) for a total installed power of 24KW.
– One AIRAP BE1 VP motorised fan unit for air circulation with a flow rate of 2700 m3/H, power 1.1KW, galvanised fan turbine, pressure available at the outlet of the 65 mmCE volute casing.
– An air inlet connection 0 150 with a damper.
– One Z 150 air outlet nozzle with damper.
– An ELDON or RITTAL control box 800 x 800 x 250 mm, to be supplied with 400V three-phase with or without neutral comprising :

* A fuse switch,
* A 24-volt AC transformer for the control circuit.
* Fuses for the protection of primary and secondary transformers
* A SIEMENS head contactor controlled by the limit thermostat
* The protection of the resistors by ultra fast fuses type FERRAZ
* Two three-phase solid-state contactors with thyristors CARLO GAVAZZI 25A (two switched poles and one direct pole)
* SIEMENS circuit breaker protection for the fan motor
* The SIEMENS fan switch
* An electronic temperature controller with digital display EUROTHERM Piccolo P117 (setpoint display and temperature display, setpoint lockable by configuration, self-adjusting PID)
*A PT100 JD MEASURE probe positioned in the airflow and coupled to the regulator.
A JUMO 50-300°C manual reset limit thermostat as a safety device in the event of a control failure * A JUMO 50-300°C manual reset limit thermostat as a safety device in the event of a control failure
*A limit switch positioned on each door to stop the heating and ventilation on the opening.
*An amber MOELLER fault light
* A MOELLER power on light
*SIEMENS micro PLC type LOGO for dialogue via function keys (heating, ventilation) for display of operating parameters, fault display in text mode, cycle time setting, delayed start, program memory card with battery backup
*150 m3/H thermostat-controlled forced ventilation to evacuate the calories dissipated by the static contactors.

– Noise level of the device below 70 dBa at 1.5 meters
– Technical file accompanying the equipment with the plans, electrical diagrams, the lists, component data sheets, controller configuration, … all in a single paper copy and on CD.ROM.