Tournaire – Distillation Rectification Column

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Technical information

Physico-chemical separation / distillation unit.

Year: 2015

Installation ATEX 3G IIBT4, inside the installation: zone 1G

Operating mode: continuous – batch – semi-batch.

Pressure: Vacuum – 3 barg max

Boiler size: 50 Litres (Possible 200 Litres)

Flow rates: Approximately 180 Kg/hr feeding a water/ethanol mixture (90/10) at atmospheric pressure with a reflux rate of 5.

Theoretical number of trays: 20 –> Possible feeding in 3 points: 4 structured packing beds, 4 liquid redistributors (3 with recenters)

Dimensions: Unit made as a skid, in hot-dip galvanised steel frame with dimensions 2400 x2400 x 4000MM high.

Utilities / sources :
Steam: 3 bar eff 143°C 30 to 80kg/h
Cold water 25-30°C : 2-5m3/h
Chilled water 5-10°C : 0.5m3/h
Compressed air : 6bar eff
Nitrogen inerting : 4.5 bar eff
Electricity : 400V tri 50 Hz IT : 5kw