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CAM 7 AP - cellophaneuse

CAM 7 AP – cellophane overwrapping machine

Manufacturer : CAM Model: AP Year : 2008 Type : Intermittent motion overwrapper Materials: Polipropilene, PVC, cellophane. Feeding: automatic or manual. Mechanical speed: 31 – 100 strokes / minute. Format : Length (A): 35 – 150 mm Height (B): 15 – 80 mm Width (C): 60 – 300 mm Chuck: Ø 70 – 76 mm Roll: max. Ø 320 mm

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The use of X-Folding machines – Cellophane machines

A cellophane wrapping machine is used to wrap products from a roll of cellophane film. A cellophaning machine allows to overwrap and package the case with a thin, transparent film of cellulose hydrate or a PVC polypropylene film. This can be done by automatic or manual (semi-automatic) cellophane wrappers.

Also called X-folding machine, this equipment allow the overwrapping and grouping of cubic and unitary products or “promotional batches”.

X-folding / cellophane machines are designed for the packaging of products with rectangular shapes, particularly in the cosmetics, perfumery, pharmaceutical and paper industries. These machines are also used in the food industry, especially for grouping in biscuits, confectionery and chocolate.

The advantage of cellophane

Cellophane is very often used due to its transparency and microorganism resistance. It is also a flexible and shiny packaging that enhances the packaged product, making it more aesthetic. It reduces the production costs and improves the appearance of your product. The X-folding wrapping has a higher quality connotation which explains its frequent use in cosmetics and perfumery.

The fast and easy format switching provided by cellophane wrapping machines gives a great versatility and adaptability in the industrial sector.

An X-folding machine unrolls a section of the film roll to wrap the product with it. The wrapping film is folded and then sealed frontally and laterally using a folding system, thermal sealing. The front or transverse welding is done on the underside or on the side.

Example of products to be packaged:
– Perfumes, soaps
– Cigarettes
– Biscuits, candy
– Watches and jewellery
– CD, DVD, video games….

Buying and selling a cellophane machine

Buying a second-hand cellophane machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, make, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of available and functional second-hand machines, ready for use, in order to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.