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Marchesin MB 440 + BA400 - Ligne blister

Marchesini MB 440 + BA400 – Blister packaging line

Full documentation and technical file. Photos of unit installed available. Previous environment: pharmaceutical Possibility to buy module 1, 2 and 3 separately. Large stock of spare parts for all equipment. Regular maintenance and upgrades performed a few years ago. 1 – Capsule conveyor Manufacturer: IDI Pharma Feed hopper + slat conveyor + distribution hopper 2 – Blister machine Manufacturer: Marchesini

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The use of blister machines :

A blister packaging machine (blistering machine) is an equipment used in the packaging and wrapping of pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food products for unitary use.

The term blister refers to several types of preformed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods, food and pharmaceutical products. These machines are used, particularly in pharmaceutical laboratories, for the blister packaging of tablets, capsules or syringes of all shapes and sizes.

A blister pack is a thermoformed packaging ensuring the presentation and protection of a product (tablets, syringes, capsules, etc.). Each blister corresponds to a forming and cutting format.

It is composed of a lower part, generally in PVC, PVDC or aluminium. This is formed according to the desired shape and the type of product. The upper part is welded to the lower part after the products have been inserted.

A blistering machine is equipped with a forming station, a product feeding system, a welding station, a blister coding station and a station for cutting the blisters to the required dimensions.

How does a blister packaging machine work?

1 – Unrolling

The film roll is positioned on the winder.

The unwinding of the reel is driven forward by the motorisation of the machine. The roll rotates forward and feeds the flat film to the forming station. It is guided by guide and positioning rollers.

2 – Film forming (drum type / flat type)

When the film passes through the forming station, it is heated to a suitable temperature. The smooth cells are then formed on the softened plastic film using a mould.

3 – Filling the products

The blank blister is filled automatically, semi-automatically or manually with the desired products. Optional: A camera control system can be used to check for product presence, detect broken tablets or check the entire blister pack.

4 – Hot sealing (drum type / flat type)

The upper and lower parts are sealed together. The top part usually contains information about the drug, the name of the manufacturer, and/or the expiry date.

5 – Cutting, Printing and Rejection of Scraps

The blister pack is cut according to the demand and the waste is removed according to the signals recorded in the control station.

The blisters are then transferred to a secondary packaging machine, such as a cartoning machine, to be marketed in groups.

Buying and selling a blister machine

Buying a second-hand blister machine remains a high investment for some companies. The prices of machines for sale vary according to the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of available and functional second-hand packaging machines, ready to use, to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.