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Atoma 823-C-400 - Doseuse pondérale

Atoma 823-C-400 – Dosing machine

Manufacturer: Atoma Model: 823-C-400 Year: 2000   Number of weighing channels: 3 Maximum weight: 400 g Margin of error (e): 0.5 g   Feeding by hopper and vibrating lane. Conveyor belt Product stop by cell

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Technipes MTC/130-EL
Sold: not available

Technipes MTC/130-EL – Weighing and bagging machine (x2)

2 units available: sold separately. Powder bagging monobloc for valve bags / Valve packer Operating mode: electronic Model: MTC/130-EL Reference Dosing / bagging module: TE/50 S/SV Year: 2016 (atex) and 2010 Weighing range: Max 25 kg and Max.30 KG Maximum capacity: 150 – 200 bags / hour Power supply : 380 V Power : 5,5 KW Air pressure : 6

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How to operate a weight dosing machine

A weigh doser is a packaging machine designed for manual, semi-automatic or automatic filling of products. These machines are present in many sectors: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, perfumery.

The operation and principle of weight dosing machines are simple. Raw products are conveyed and poured automatically, by a conveyor system or manually, into a storage volume.

A weight filler measures a predetermined mass of product, which can be liquid, powder, gas or solid, directly into the packaging. It is based on a weighing instrument (scale) that controls the filling operation.

Net weighings can be performed before filling, in weighing hoppers or a vibrating tunnel, or directly from the final container.

As soon as the exact weight is reached, the supply and filling of product is interrupted. The packaging is then evacuated and replaced by a vacuum.

This method of weighing is used for products as diverse as instant coffee pots, animal feed, dry products, litre bottles of oil and 200 litre drums of chemicals. Raw weighing machines are suitable for accurate filling of products at low and medium speeds.

The desired quantity of product to be discharged is indicated by the user on the dashboard of the machine. The value is to be defined according to the type of packaging and its weight (mg, g, Kg). Depending on the machine, it is possible to define a more or less small margin of error compared to the target weight.

The product is inserted through the spout(s) of the equipment. The assembly can be composed of one or more filling heads as on multihead weighers or rotary or linear fillers.

Manual dosing machine

The product is stored on the upper part of the machine. It is released into the empty volume, placed on the scale. Filling is triggered at each order sent by the user.

Semi-automatic dosing machine

The machine releases the defined product volume sequentially at predefined time intervals. This is referred to as a time-delayed machine. The packaging is inserted and removed manually.

Automatic dosing machine

Empty packages are automatically conveyed to the dosing / filling station. The product is poured when the container is detected. Detection is performed by push/push effect, weight detection, laser sensor. It is then discharged once the filling is finished.

Buy and sale of a weight dosing machine

Buying a second-hand machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, make, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of available and functional, ready-to-use dosing machines to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.