Alfa Laval VLM 19X16/104-6.0 – Tubular exchanger

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Technical description

REF : Viscoline – VLM19X16/104-6.0

polished stainless steel
2 sets of 5 tubular exchangers d.104
Unit surface 5,73 m² x 10 = 57 m² per exchanger
per exchanger : 19 tubes ⌀16 / length 6000
spiral body for forced circulation
piping, valves and supports

Viscous beverages and food, like other products, often have high viscosity or contain particles of different kinds. In these cases, tubular heat exchangers are often the most practical solution for heating or cooling.

Alfa Laval ViscoLine is a range of highly efficient shell-and-tube heat exchangers that incorporate advanced corrugated tubes designed to increase turbulence in the flow of the media to be treated. This significantly increases the overall heat transfer coefficient.

The ViscoLine Multitube unit is one of the most commonly used thermal solutions for viscous products. An ideal solution for heating, cooling and pasteurisation in low and medium viscosity and for products containing fibres and small particulate matter.

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