Schmucker TENAX 8 L + Bergami AS200L – Powder sachet line

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Automatic line with bagging and cartoning machine, powder products:

1 Big Bag unloading station

1 Container unloading station

1 SCHMUCKER TENAX 8 L bagging machine

* 8 tracks
* Powder dosing
* Single (mono) or double (duo) bag
* Format width: 70 mmm (can be converted to 140 mm)
* 4 welds
* Equipped for aluminium bags with paper coating
* Output: 440 bags/min

1 bag to cartoner transfer unit

1 BERGAMI AS200L cartoner

* Flat carton feeding
* Glued flaps
* Bag feeding and leaflet insertion device
* Output: up to 90 cartons/min

Current bag dimensions :

Single bag 70×125
Single bag 70×100
Double bag 70×122