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Category: PET bottle filling machines / lines

NOVA NS 574/4 - 4 head volumetric filler

NOVA NS 574/4 – 4 head volumetric filler

Manufacturer : Nova (SERAC) Model: NS 574/4 Year : 2004 Type : volumetric filling by 2 pistons Number of heads: 4 Volume : 500 to 7400 ml Volume per mm of stroke: 18.14 ml Product: liquid / semi-liquid for flasks, bottles, cans External conveyor control Neck detection Available filling formats Filling heads available Recovery tank Drain hoses installed on photos.

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Stoppil EC 6050

Stoppil EC 6050 – 6-head filling machine

Manufacturer : Stoppil Model: EC6050 Type : Automatic linear filler   Number of heads : 6 Product : Liquid or semi-liquid Capacity : 500 ml / 5 L Flowmeters : electromagnetic Tank : 316 stainless steel Poppet valve   Cylinders: inlet / outlet Drip tray Conveyor 1 additional set of heads Documentation available

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ELF Europe ZMC2 - 6-heads linear filler

ELF Europe ZMC2 – 6-heads linear filler

Manufacturer: ELF Year : 1989 Equipment modified several times by the manufacturer Stoppil Number of heads : 6 adjustable units Type of products : Liquid / semi-liquid Type of packaging : Cans, bottles, jars, etc. Operation: pneumatic Filling: gravitational Stainless steel hopper + level sensor Raise/lower cylinder Drip tray Conveyor Product stop cylinders Electrical cabinet Flexible feed hose with valve

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Operation of a bottle filling line


Products: water, fruit juices, oil, milk, sodas, sauces, syrups…

The filling

Bottle fillers or bottling units allow the filling and packaging of liquid, gaseous or non-gaseous, fluid and viscous products. Bottles can be filled semi-automatically (filling machine) or automatically (bottling unit).

A bottling line is composed of several steps in order to accomplish the automatic filling of several bottles per hour.

Composition of a line
The empty bottle can be purchased as a preform or already moulded. In the first case, the bottle is formed through the mould of the machine (extruder / bottle blower). The mould(s), as well as the adjustment system, can be changed in order to produce different bottle sizes. This is called bottle thermoforming.

In a second step, the bottles are filled using a volumetric dosing machine. The bottle is then closed and sealed with a capping machine. Finally, the bottles can be conveyed to a labelling station, or a tray packer or shrink-wrapper, to group the bottles and create packs.

Buying or selling a used bottling line

Buying a second-hand bottle filling machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a wide range of equipment and materials available, enabling buyers to find the best second-hand filling machine.