CAM ASB 38 – Automatic bundler

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ASB38 Bundler with stretch-banding or shrink-wrapping .pdf


Bundling machine with stretch or shrink film

Previous use: grouping pharmaceutical boxes
Available tooling: 126 x 156

Min. size max.

A – Carton width: 15 – 360 mm

B – Carton height: 12 – 70 mm

C – Carton length: 50 – 250 mm

D – Bundle length: 40 – 360 mm

E – Bundle height: 24 – 210 mm

F – Bundle width: 50 – 250 mm

The CAM automatic bundle wrapping machine model ASB38 is one of the simplest and most compact machines available on the market. It effectively solves all the problems of grouping and assembling carton boxes, bottles, trays and various products in any configuration.

– Use of a single packaging reel for better and simpler use. (reduction of changeover times)
– Electromechanical stretching system for constant strip tension irrespective of coil diameter
– Unique sealing position
– Sealing obtained by means of a sealing bar associated with a film braking unit

The products are fed by a conveyor belt, then collected by a pneumatic system and transferred with a mechanical movement into the packaging area. As it moves forward, the assembly drives the film, held by a roller system, which pre-stretches the packaging film.

Finally, a vertical movement completes the wrapping and stretching of the film and brings it into the welding/cutting area. The assembly / bundle is then evacuated.