Farmomac F47 / Zalkin TM 100 – Filling line

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Farmomac F47 filler/capper + Zalkin TM 100 crimper.

Automatic in-line filling equipment (ex-sterile block filling)

4 Pkb 125ml filling pumps (capacity 500 ml)

Aqueous-oil speed 55 cps/mn in 100 ml or 40 cps/mn in 300 ml

Carousel with filling heads and automatic capping + bowl (penicillin cap)

Automatic crimping machine with 1 Zalkin head (aluminium capsules d.30) (convertible into a capper or a clipper)

Conveyor belts of connection

2 electrical boxes with telemechanical automatons

Available formats (visible on the photos in the stainless steel boxes) + 1 replacement Zalkin head.

Documentation available.

Condition : to be reconditioned / for parts.