Fette P1000 – Tablet press

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Perfecta 1000 rotary tablet press with electrical cabinet


Manufacturer: Fette

Model: Perfecta 1000 / P1000

Year : 1985

Number of pressing stations: 22

Maximum compression force: 80 kN

Maximum pre-compression force: 20 kN

Maximum tablet diameter: 25 mm

Maximum tablet thickness: 10.5 mm

Maximum hourly throughput: 72,600 tablets

Maximum filling height: 22 mm

Pitch diameter: 315 mm

Die plate speed: 15-55 rpm

Punch shape: EU 1

Die diameter: 38.1 mm

Die height: 23.8 mm

Punch body diameter: 25.4 mm

Upper punch length: 133.6 mm

Length of lower punches: 133.6 mm

Depth of punch insertion into die: 2 – 6 mm

Machine footprint: 1030 x 1090 mm

Net weight: 1800 kg

Documentation available