Hosokawa – Flexomix 335

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Vertical continuous mixer and agglomerator. Refurbished before dismantling. All parts are available.

Flexomix agglomerating system for pellet production. Equipment refurbished before dismantling.

It is possible to produce granules with a porous structure with a size ranging from 0.1 to 1.2 mm and a D50 between 300 and 700 µm, with a low to medium density.

The Flexomix agglomeration system is a powerful combination of a number of features :

Water dosing system
Powder dosing system
Binder dosing system(s): water, steam, and other liquids
Flexomix mixer and agglomerator (FX),
High-tech integrated control system

This system means that base powders can be fed as a mixture or as multiple powders in parallel. An accurate, gravimetrical powder feeding subsystem ensures a constant powder/liquid ratio and a liquid dosing skid ensures accurate flow control and a constant powder/liquid ratio in the agglomerator. This liquid skid can be equipped with a stirrer or a heated tank for example, or in the case of solution binders, a preparation tank.

Powders and liquids can be fed into the unit through top inlet(s) using air atomizers which combine with turbulent air flow inside the mixer’s vertical chamber, mixes powdery and liquid particles intensively and instantaneously.

The Flexomix has been designed to be compact whilst allowing for homogeneous mixing of powders and liquids at capacities of up to 40,000 kg/h. To achieve this, the Flexomix has a flexible mixing chamber and a shaft with pitch-adjustable mixing blades that rotate at high speed. The resulting granulates have a porous, raspberry like structure in particle sizes of 0.1 to 1.2 mm and with a D50 between 300 and 700 micron at low to medium density.

Dimension: 1270 x 1100 x 2270

Motor power: 22 – 45 kW

Capacity: 3000 – 10,000 kg / h

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