Ika CMS 2000/10 – Liquid solid mixer

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Brand: Ika werke

Type: continuous in-line mixer

Model: CMS 2000/10

Year: 2006

Suction of solids in the fluid recirculation process. Free from lumps and dust processing of powders and granules. Homogeneous mixing with high energy efficiency. The extremely high suction capacity is ideal for wetting difficult to mix powders. The CMS is usually installed in a batch processing system (recirculation).

Power: 18.5 KW

Nominal flow rate: 35,000 L/H

Maximum powder feed: 5,500 KG/H

Product input : 1 horizontal liquid connection and 1 vertical solid connection.

Product output : 1 horizontal liquid connection

Documentation available: yes

Osertech modification: revamping 03/2022

– Installation of a complete new mechanical seal
– Replacement of all seals in contact with the transmission shaft and the mixing chamber.
– Replacement of ball bearing and safety ring (x2)
– Installation of a new lantern

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