Multipack F40 – Stretch bander / bundler

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Automatic bundler with stretch-banding or shrink-wrapping

Brand : Multipack
Model : F40
Type : Shrink wrapping machine
Year : 1997
Products: cartons
Capacity : approx. 30 bundles / min

Application : grouping, bundling, heat-sealing / banding
Stacking module, stacking of different product layers (pneumatically driven)
Linear operation


Power: 2 KW
Compressed air: 120 N/min
Operating pressure: 6 Bar
Electrical voltage: 380 V


Manual settings

Max width: 350 mm
Max length: 280 mm
Max height: 200 mm

Min width: 30 mm
Min length: 50 mm
Min height: 12 mm

Additional information

documentation: Yes, available

Sold without format.