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Machine for applying labels.

Automatic self-adhesive labelling machine, for high speed labelling of flat bottom ampoules, vials or similar round containers. It can work in-line with other packaging machines or as free standing unit with a tray infeed and outfeed arrangement. The SL is a high speed labelling machine with a star wheel transport system and has been designed to reduce manual operations and size change times to a minimum. This is made possible by a variable pitch transport star wheel, which can handle a vast variety of ampoules and vials within its adjustment range. The SL can work in-line with other packaging machines or out-of-line with a tray infeed and outfeed arrangement.

SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.


– Stainless steel construction.

– Continuous mode speed adjustment.

– Power driven adjustable loop unwinder.

– Transport star wheel infeed with screw feed system.

– Star wheel discharge with vacuum system by means of a rotating star wheel.

– Discharge in single file with screw feed system.

– Label distribution with stepping motor.

– Label dispensing unit with vertical and horizontal micro-metric adjustment.

– Label backing support paper rewinding equipped with mechanical clutch.

– Micro-metric servo-controlled adjustment of the overprint position on the label.

– Automatic work speed synchronization of the various motors.

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