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Packr AF611 - DePalletizer

Packr AF611 – DePalletizer

Manufacturer: Packr Model:AF611 Year:2003 Speed (b/h): 600 Worked formats: 20L cannivers Documentation / Maintenance history available Type of movement: Rotating arm (X/Y) Supported Pallet Dimensions: 1200×1200 Top cover: YES PLC type: Siemens range 300

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PRB Destratus 4 - Depalletiser

PRB Destratus 4 – Depalletiser

Automated system for picking packs of bottles or cartons from a pallet. The equipment ensures continuous feeding of empty bottles to the rest of the line. Safety light curtain. UniOP control panel. History, documentation and wiring diagram available

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PRB Ministratus Palletiser
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PRB Ministratus Palletiser

Tested and verified by the manufacturer in 2004. Tested and verified in 2021 History, documentation and electrical drawings available. Palletiser suitable for automatic collection of shipping boxes from the upstream machine onto pallets. PRB Packaging Systems, Model ministratus, robotic arm, vacuum palletiser. Output of 2-6 cycles per minute – depending on materials, application and package design. Suction cup head mounted

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The use of palletisers in industry

A palletizer is designed to create stable pallets in order to send them to the final stage of logistics, before distribution. A palletising system will collect packaged products, group them together and finally assemble them on a pallet.

The palletiser can be semi-automatic or integrated into a fully automatic palletising system. A palletising robot can be used for the same functions.

Palletising can be carried out on different types of products: bags, cartons, cans, glass bottles, tins, cans, jars, cans …

How does a palletising machine work?

A palletizer will firstly gather and group the products to palletise in a square or rectangle shape. In a second step, it transfers the products layer by layer to the pallet. The products are moved using grippers.

For each additional layer, the system will re-center products in order to stabilise the pallet. It can possibly add a cardboard plate (e.g. for bottles). The pallets will then be reinforced before being transported by a wrapping / banding machine or a strapping machine.

The palletising machines can easily change formats and thus adapt to the different productions of companies.

In some cases a company has to purchase one or more empty packaging pallets. It can then use an automatic or semi-automatic depalletiser to prepare the packages for production. Unlike palletisers, de-palletising systems strip, layer by layer, the different levels of the pallet. The machine will then unbundle the packages and transfer them by a conveyor system.

Buy and sell a palletiser / depalletiser

Buying a palletising machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine. Osertech offers a wide range of equipment and machinery available, enabling buyers to find the best palletising unit opportunities.