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How does a shrink wrapper work?

A shrink-wrapper is a packaging and wrapping machine. It allows to wrap products in bundles with a heat-shrink plastic film.

Shrinkwrappers present in packaging lines are semi-automatic or part of an automatic line. A manual shrink-wrapper is considered as a chamber sealer.

Shrinkwrapping machines are used to protect and hold products in groups when they are distributed on the market. Shrink-wrapping is very often considered as secondary packaging for product grouping.

A shrink-wrapper is equipped with a conveyor to feed the machine with products. This allows products to be conveyed to the shrink film. The shrink film is sold in reel form.

For standard shrinkwrappers, the film is automatically fed and unrolled flat by two film rolls. This 2 reel system is also known as a “curtain machine”. The package is closed by sealing bars that cut and seal the film or through a shrink wrap. This is known as heat shrink packaging.

Example of a product to package with an automatic or semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine :

– food products
– cans
– milk cartons bricks
– fruit juices
– PET plastic bottles grouped in packs
– promotional offers and miscellaneous objects: bottles, cosmetics, household items.

Buying or selling a second-hand shrink-wrapper

Buying a used shrink wrapper remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of used shrink-wrapping machines that are available and functional, ready to use, to meet the needs of any type of budget.

Known brands: Smipack, Minipack, Kallfass, Cermex