Haagen & Rinau Unimix SRM 200 – 400 L vacuum mixer

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Manufacturer : Haagen & Rinau

Model : Unimix SRM 200

Year: 1993

Type : Vacuum mixer


Materials: stainless steel

Vessel capacity: 406 L

Maximum temperature: 143°C

Pressure: – 1 / 3 bars


Double jacket capacity: 34 L

Maximum temperature: 151°C

Pressure: 4 bars


Slow mixing : Central stirring + scrapers. Fixed counter action.

Power: 7,5 KW

Fast mixing: emulsifier at the bottom of the tank. Suction and recirculation of the product.

Power : 8 / 12 KW

Integrated electrical cabinet.

Siemens S5 controller


Hydraulic unit:

– Up and down of the cover with its mixing tool

– Rotation of the cover with its mixing tool

– Tilting of the tank

– Up and down of the homogeniser at the bottom of the tank.