Ika UTL 2000/05 – Ultra turrax

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Technical details

Manufacturer : IKA Werke GmbH
Model : UTL 2000/05
Type : Inline disperser / Mill, dispersing machine high shear

Rotor speed : 5800 rpm (possible variation)
Max product temperature : 160°C
Viscosity (max.) 5000 mPas
Max permissible overpressure: 16 bar
Max permissible temperature of the double jacket: 120°C
Max. permissible overpressure in the jacket: 2.5 bar
Max. flow rate (standard operation / product: water): approx.2500 l/h
Motor power: 5.5 kW
Material in contact with the product : Stainless steel 316
Barrier pressurisation system

Design: https://www.osertech.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/IMG_9885.jpeg

Use and operation

The IKA ULTRA-TURRAX UTL 2000 is a high performance single stage continuous dispersion machine (rotor/stator), used for the production of emulsions and suspensions. The UTL single-stage dispersion machine is equipped with a mixing tool (generator) which provides moderate shear for the general purpose of mixing and homogenisation processes.

The UTL can be used for single pass operations or in a recirculation loop with a tank or reactor. The small volume of the mixing chamber ensures uniform shear on the product.

The UTL 2000 also creates a pumping action which can be used for transfer purposes for low to moderate viscosities with a maximum of about 20 m (about 2 bar)