Marchesini MS235 / BA50 – Powder sachet packaging line

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Bag packaging line for powders.

1. MS235 bagging machine (with pneumatic conveyor and VideoJet double-head marking machine)
Number: G300.12
Manufacturer: Marchesini
Year: 1992

Automatic vertical machine with intermittent action for filling and sealing bags of powders, for medium and high speed production lines.

The counting unit of the bagging machine can stack up to 99 bags.

Bag length: 60 mm – 150 mm
Bag width: min. 25 mm – max. depending on the product
Standard belt width: 800 mm (standard) – 840 mm
Outer diameter of the coil: max. 500 mm
Cycles: up to 75 cycles/min

2. BA50 cartoner (with VideoJet single-head marking machine)
Number: C 1320.26
Manufacturer: Marchesini
Year: 1992
Capacity: 70 cases / minute
Dimension A = 40 – 145 mm
Dimension B = 20 – 80 mm
Dimension C = 70 – 80 mm
A+B = 190 mm
Product infeed and outfeed transport height 820 mm (adjustable +/- 30 mm)

Capacity: max. 70 u / min

3. Checkweigher VS2
Builder: Mettler Toledo
Year: 1996

4. Transfer conveyor
Faber FlexMove FC105
Year: 2015

Note: Automatons are Marchesini Prosystemm from 1992 .