MediSeal – P1600 + BIB BOB Blister

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Horizontal cartoner MediSeal P1600

Bib Bob Blister
Multi-format function
Semi-automatic and automatic menus
GUK PA 20 Dispenser for pre-folded leaflets
Cartons: 150 cpm
Korber MediPak Touch Screen
Carton length: 65-150mm; Width: 35-90mm; Height: 15-90mm

Total monitoring / control of locking systems
Barcode reader
An ideal machine for fast turnaround production
Supplied with spare parts stored in a multi-drawer cabinet

The machine is in excellent condition + overhauled

Available documentation

The modular construction provides for the integration of the Mediseal BIB-BOB unit. The BIB-BOB unit enables individual batches of blister packs to be packaged in bulk, for example for hospital packaging.