Koruma Disho V170/1000 – 1000 L Vacuum mixer

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Vacuum mixer with in-line homogeniser and double jacket. Suitable for producing emulsions, homogenisation and suspensions in a wide range of viscosities such as creams, mayonnaise, sauces, marinades, ketchup, pastes, gels, … For use in the food industry or other industries such as cosmetics.

Manufacturer: Koruma Maschinenbau GmbH

Model: Disho V170 / 1000

Year: 1993, completely revised in 2011.

Documentation : yes

Material : stainless steel




Manufacturer: Hellmich

Volume: 1000 L

Pressure: – 1 bar

Maximum temperature: 100°C

Double jacket: 94 L

Pressure: 6 bar

Max temperature : 180°C

T°C regulation by valves, hot / cold water inputs


Type : knives with scrapers.

Static reverse agitation.

Power : 3 KW

Speed : 30 rpm

Sealing: FPM seal


Type : Disho IV/160

Continuous mixer / grinder at the bottom of the tank

Direct injection in the top part of the mixer.

Power: 45 KW

Speed : 500 – 3000 rpm

Type : see diagram

Vacuum pump

Manufacturer: Sterling Sihi

Model: LEM 125

Power: 3 KW.


Top opening: electric

Temperature sensors

Safety valves

Sight glass with wiper and lamp

Vacuum suction line

New gaskets

Equipment sold without electrical cabinet. Available on demand.